The US and NATO started on Russia as soon as the Cold War ended.


First Yugoslavia, then Georgia, and now the Ukraine…

Its like most of the “Facts” I believed about Geopolitics upto my 30’s turned out to be some evil b**tards Propaganda-Narrative.

Even Slobodan Milosevic turned out to be innocent, and I totally believed their shite about him and the Serbs being “Genocidal Maniacs” like the scum on Corporate TV said. Pre-Internet I simply had no other source to tell me the truth, or at least a Counter-Narrative to their neatly packaged lies sung in unison by the whole “Western” Corporate Mainstream Media!

What, you think the BBC, ITN, or Channel 4 “News”, etc… wouldn’t lie? Then please explain your (proved by the Hague) irrational and unjustified feeling towards Milosevic or Serbia if you had actually been told the “Truth” back in the 90’s?!



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