3 Must watch BBC Documentary Video’s from 2004 if you want to understand the reality behind the “War on Terror” started by Bush/Blair, and continued by Obama/Cameron/May

“The Power Of Nightmares” Documentary by respected BBC Journalist Adam Curtis.

Part 1 Baby Its Cold Outside (2004)

Part 2 The Phantom Victory (2004)

Part 3 The Shadows In The Cave (2004)

These Adam Curtis films, shockingly, made it onto late night BBC2 in 2004, the year after Bush and Blair invaded Iraq. In a time when the BBC was only partially censored, unlike now.

It explains in articulate, and well realized detail the many “Myths” used by the Elites, then and now, about the so called “War on Terror” that’s caused the deaths of some 4 Million+ human beings, in mostly Muslim countries, these last 15 years of never ending bloody War!



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