The US, and NATO, can’t win a Conventional War with Russia, China, and Iran, so why bother?!


When the new S-500 Anti-Missile System goes fully operational, if it does what it said on the tin, it will effectively seal off Russian Airspace from ICBM’s, Cruse Missiles, Sub Missiles, and “Stealth” Jet attack from NATO. Then it’ll only be Mr Putin’s humanity stopping him making Washington, London, Paris, etc… Extra crispy! Seems the Russians are like 2 generations ahead of the US in missile technology. DARPA may have more advanced shit in the pipeline, but that’s no where near deployment with the US Armed Forces.

The US spent some $600+ Billion on just the F-35 “Stealth” technology, while the Russians + the 1.4 BILLION Chinese spent a hell of a lot less on Advanced Radar, and can now see all your “Stealth” Jets quite well I believe. To be “Stealthy” the new 5th Gen US jets like the F-22, or F-35 suffered greatly reduced flight envelope’s, and will get blown out the sky by the new Russian 4++ Gen fighters like the Mig-35, or Su-35 with advanced “Thrust Vectoring” that will run circles around any “Stealth” Jet the US has! You have to understand that “Stealth” was such a 90’s thing, great 20 years ago, not so good now the Radar’s caught up.

Or, maybe you wanna compare the size of US Vs Russian Cruse Missiles if you really want to get in the “Must Compensate” mood and buy a BIG Car, or BIG Gun to make yourself feel a little less, small…

Or, do you want to know how most NATO surface ships will be sunk in the first hours of any War with Russia, China, Iran, etc… Even the BIG Carriers, so precious in projecting US power abroad, will be sunk by way of the Modern “State of the Art” Anti-Ship missiles they all have?

Or, do you wanna talk about how long the US can maintain hi-tech weapons production after China stop shipping them the “Rare Earth”, almost totally found in China, they need for Missile production?

Yes, the US has a HUGE Military Budget, but they have to make all their Equipment in the US dealing with MASSIVE “Overhead Cost’s” associated with working in the United States. China on the other hand, where the rest of the World go for cheap goods, get MUCH more bang for their buck making “War-Toys” back home, and have by far the LARGEST standing Armed Forces in the World today. Plus the Pentagon just ‘LOST’ $6.5 TRILLION, huh?! Not to mention the almost useless “Stealth” crap that cost how many TRILLIONS since the 90’s?! The US has spent 15 long years fighting Insurgencies, farmers in Afghanistan, and “Low Moral” Troops in Iraq after 10 years of CHILD KILLING sanctions that caused the death of some 500,000+ Children in the years leading up to the Iraq War. Most of the US Defense Budget is about building “Hi-Tech Junk” to line the pockets of Oligarchs, and not about taking on two modern Superpowers, Nuclear Armed Superpowers at that, huh?

Now, anyone wanna shout… “GO USA” …without irony?!

  • Edit: 06.10.2016

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