I have a problem with the word “Anti-Semitic”?

I grew up thinking all the Jewish People in the World were “Semitic”, like the Jews in the Bible were “Semitic”, and I had no problem excepting this, because that’s what everyone else in my World thought too?

But now, I find that the Ashkenazi Jewish People, that is most of the Jewish People in the World today, are actually descended from genetically “White Europeans”, and are seemingly not the Biblical Jews after all?

As described in this link from that hotbed of Anti-Zionism, the American NBC News.

Or this concurring link to that other well known bastion of Anti-Zionism, The American New York Times.

So, are the Ashkenazi Jewish People genetically similar to the Romans, Anglo-Saxons, Celts, Vikings, Germanic People, etc… of Europe, than they are a genetically “Semitic” People of the Middle East or North Africa?

Or, has the US Mainstream Corporate Media done goofed yet again? Like they do most chances they get in their enthusiastic desire to breed “Good Little Consumers” in an “Ignorance is Strength” kinda way?

Wouldn’t it be funny if the Arab Palestinians were actually MORE “Semitic” than the modern Jewish Israelis? No, it wouldn’t be funny at all, not with the rate the Palestinians are being imprisoned and killed in their own Land at the moment, no!

Oh, and Jewish is Jewish! You have every “Right” to be Jewish, there are MILLIONS of good, decent Anti-Zionist Jews in the World today, it will never mater to me what their family lineage is, huh? You just might NOT have a “God Given Right” to Palestinian land for being “Jewish”, or is that crazy talk?!


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