Oh, and about “Terrorism” in the good ol’ USA?

ALL, Hate and Violence come from, Fear, every single time!

Fear of you or the people you care about being hurt or killed, fear of losing face, fear of losing money or power, and if you fear something enough, that fear is the ONLY road to Hate…

But every single time, FEAR, is the start of the problem!

Your “Masters” know this, and want you to be afraid. That is simply the easiest way to control the masses, like you and me…

Killery Clinton may be a Coldblooded Monster who finds someone being sodomized to death with a bayonet in a gutter, “Funny“, and some of you know that, along with all the other Evil she’s doneĀ  during her previous time in Office?


But, if she promises her, “Hawkishness”(Psychopathy), that’s already killed so many innocent CHILDREN, will somehow keep you “Safe” from those much scarier “Monsters” and “Terrorists” your Corporate TV has “kindly” told you about, all those Hollywood like comedy “Bad Guys” such as Putin, Assad, ISIS, and the age old favorite “Al Qaeda who are supposedly much worse that Hitler plus Satan combined?

Well, her shit suddenly doesn’t seem so bad, huh?

All while keeping most blissfully unaware of the 4,000,000+ dead human beings, in mostly “Resource-Rich” Muslim countries, these last 15 long years of never-ending bloody War for Corporate, Bankster profits, power of the Multi-Billionaire/Trillionaire Oligarchs who own Bush, Obama, and Killary Clinton

Oligarchy, its not just for Christmas!




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