Rothschild’s Trillions(?) and Democracy?

So, conservative estimates of Rothschild’s wealth is somewhere around $2 Trillion?

While some sources put his fortune at a staggering$500 Trillion, huh?

Even though he never makes the Forbes “Rich List”, funny that?

Let me put that in a way that makes sense to us mere mortals?

  • 1 “Billion” seconds = 31 Years!
  • 1 “Trillion” seconds = 31,709 Years!
  • 500 “Trillion” seconds = 15,854,895 Years!

So, if Rothschild only spends $86,400 a day, then he’ll spend his ill gotten loot in just under 16 MILLION years, huh? You can buy a “Blairite” Ex-Minister like Jack Straw for as little as £3,000 in the UK, apparently?

The US’s near bankrupt today, some $20 Trillion in debt. Rothschild could buy the US some 25x over, then give it away, and still never need to work a day in his life, huh?

The WHOLE WORLDS DEBT is only $100 Trillion, huh?

Now once you get your head around just what kinda power that wealth gives a man? Then, and only then, do you start to see what an intolerable threat Oligarchs like Rothschild, Rockefeller, Soros, Koch, Murdock, DuPont, Bush, etc… actively pose to our precious Democracies, yes?

$500 Trillion isn’t money to spend on Jets or Mansions, rather its the POWER to actually do anything you can imagine, ANYTHING!

Oligarchy, its not just for Christmas!




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