What do you think of the: “Rule of Law”?


When I was a kid I hated the “Law” with a passion, huh? The “Law” was what they used to spoil teenage Me’s fun. Fun like: Smoking Pot, Raving, Drunken Bar Brawls, etc… and I resented them for it, especially when you realize just how corrupt the Police actually are? Even the mythical “Good-Cop’s” all break some laws, and all abuse their authority in some minor way. Where as the frequently observed “Bad-Cop” are simply Evil-Incarnate, unadulterated Fascists who are honestly sexually aroused by abusing power against people weaker than them in a sadistic and totally Nonconsensual way!

So yes, it’s fair to say I wasn’t a big fan of the “Rule of Law” in the UK as a young Man.

But now? Well, it was one thing for the State to spoil my exuberant adolescent stupidity, yes? But what Bush and Blair did to the “Rule of International Law” at the UN over Iraq in 2003, was the exact same thing Hitler and Mussolini did to the “League of Nations” in the 1930’s? Well, lets just say I had a hole new appreciation for the “Rule of Law”, huh?

See, its one thing for kids to break their petty “Moral-Panic” driven Laws as adolescents, but when the State starts breaking the Laws?! They are the ones with the Police, Spooks, Military, “Weapons of Mass Destruction”(WMD), and if no one, or nothing, is holding them in check, WORRY!

Some 4+ Million humans have died unnecessarily in the Middle East and North Africa since the first bomb dropped on Baghdad in 2003, and the body-count gets bigger every single day in this never ending “War on Terror” spawned by Bush and Blair, and expanded under Obama and Cameron!

Now we haveĀ supporters of the Obama Regime, openly calling for the MURDER of Wikileaks Publisher Julian Assange in an Embassy in London for doing what “Journalists” used to do before Oligarchy, if you can believe that in 2016? For these creatures “Power has Corrupted”, “Might is Right”, and Morality or the “Rule of Law”, is nothing but a long lost memory…

We need to bring back the “Rule of Law” in some form, there simply MUST be consequences to these people, or the killing for Profit and Power will never STOP!


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