Syria’s “White Helmets” are not what you think they are?

The so called “White Helmets” are nothing but a Propaganda-Narrative for the Western Elites agenda to “Regime Change” the Newly Democratic Government of Dr Bashar Al Assad.

Or did you think it just a coincidence that the Western Corporate Mainstream Media NEVER show dead Children that Al Nusra kill in Government areas of Aleppo?

There was a YouTube video of this, but it seems to have been scrubbed from the internet? As you can see from the Off-Guardian site below?

Video: Syria’s White Helmets exposed

Though here is a cracker of a video showing international UN and US election observers actually say Dr Assad’s victory was “Free and Fair”! That FACT must have slipped the minds of ALL the Western Mainstream Corporate Media as the perpetually call Dr Assad a “Dictator” which he isn’t, but does suit their EVIL “Child-Killing” Propaganda-Narrative?



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