My reply to an “Anarchist” who actually voted to Remain in the EU

…wait, so let me get this straight?

You, an “Anarchist”, actually voted to be ruled by an Undemocratic Neoliberal “Commission”?! Guess a little thing like Democracy isn’t for everyone, huh?

A “Commission” that is responsible for the, DEEPLYRACIST, EU Common Agricultural Policy? A policy that subsidizes rich EU farmers with my taxes making their produce so cheap farmers from the Third World can not only not afford to export their crop to the EU, richest market in the World, but even worse those same rich EU farmers then export their cheap subsidized produce to places like Sub-Saharan Africa where the local farmers can’t compete, and end up become economic migrants DROWNING in the Mediterranean each summer?


Or, was it the DEEPLY CORRUPT EU law the “Right to be forgotten” that lets War Criminals, Corrupt Politicians, and VIP paedophiles CENSOR their own name from internet search engines operating in the EU, including Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc… that did it for you?

Ah, I’ve got it!

As an, “Anarchist”, you must have been a huge fan of the way the EU Commission, the ECB, and the IMF colluded with Goldman Sachs, the most EVIL Bank on the Planet, to “Asset-Strip” Greece?

The truth is the EU Project” = Oligarchy and make no mistake, as described here in detail.


Of Course, like your Corporate TV points out Ad Nauseum, anyone caught saying such things is a confirmed “Low IQ Racist Bigot” who HATES“White People” from relatively  wealthy EU Countries, and supports either Nigel Farage, or Ian Duncan Smith for Emperor of the planet, if not the Universe?
“War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength!” From GeorgeOrwell’s“1984”.

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