But what can I do about Oligarchy?!


Right now, we have a “Window of Opportunity” to take these b**tards down, Non-Violently!

While the internet is STILL relatively uncensored, and before they turn the majority of the Military into Machines(Drones/Robots)?

We have a chance, not a big chance, but a chance none the less, to do nothing less than to fix the WHOLE WORLD!

The internet lets us “Wake People Up” to the Horrific Truth of Oligarchy that the Mainstream Corporate Media try so desperately to hide, and when we’ve woken enough people up, there won’t be enough “Asleep”  people left in the Military or Police to stop us dismantling their Oligarchy Forever!

But if they censor the internet, and then turn the Military into a bunch of Machines straight from the “Terminator” movie, Machines that we can NEVER reason with?


Then, we and our Children lose, FOREVER!


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