The “US WW2 Myth”?


So, the “US WW2 Myth”, that some of the more delusional USian actually believe, is that: “America”, saved the UK from the Nazis, and that you were the main reason the Nazis were defeated in Europe, yes?

Now, since your education about WW2 consists purely of shite b&w propaganda movies, and “Saving Private Ryan”. Here is an overview of the “Battle of Britain”, where the RAF stopped the Luftwaffe gaining air superiority over Britain. You’ll note there were a handful of US flyers who fought in that battle, good men disgusted by their nations cowardice of the Nazis pre Pearl Harbor.

The truth about WW2 in Europe is the “Commies” won WW2, killing 8 out of 10 Nazis killed in the War. They fought the very best, and by far the most of the Wehrmacht on the Eastern Front for years before the US actually grew the balls to get in the shit.

The US played a “Bit Part” on D-Day alongside British, Canadian, Australian, New Zealand, South African, Indian, Free-French, and last but not least Free-Polish troops. The only ones to get there ass kicked that day were the US at “Bloody Omaha”, where if the Rangers hadn’t shown up late, and in the wrong place you’d have been pushed back into the sea.

Now while we’re on the subject, let’s talk about the US cowardice at the “Battle of the Bulge”? When everyone but the paratroopers, who they left right in the shit, ran away from a much smaller Nazi force. If they hadn’t ran out of petrol(gas) they’d have pushed the US rabble back to the coast! Some US movies portray the “Battle of the Bulge” as a heroic US victory. I say: ARE YOU F**KING SHITTING ME?!!


Now boys, what do you think you’re going to do against the NUCLEAR armed Russians in 2016?!


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